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We focus on delivering quality, customized, and professional services and products to our clients through our experienced and qualified team.

Introduction to the Firm

Wafra Financial & Management Services Ltd. provides a wide range of services, including accounting, corporate services, risk management and other administrative services to its clients and affiliated group of entities.  Our experienced and qualified team is also supported by a global network of affiliated firms and service providers. WFMS commenced its operations in February 2016 and continues to seek operational excellence and is committed to the highest standards.

a global firm

The Wafra Group and its representative offices, of which Wafra Financial & Management Services Ltd. forms part, spans the globe.

The Wafra Group develops and sources expertise and experience from around the world. Our global platform offers us insights and access to competitive products and services and also a diverse talent pool. Together with our affiliates and associates, we maintain offices in New York, California, Bermuda, Luxembourg, Dublin, Germany, and Kuwait.